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    tear repair help

    Brand new eno reactor hammock. Slept on it once and noticed it the next day as I was hanging it up to dry (I put it away damp untill I got it home). I called ENO and there sending me some tear aid. I think i'm going to put the tear aid on both sides of the fabric. This is kinda where my butt was when I went to sleep that night. The other layer of the hammock doesn't show a mark.

    My thumb is pointing to my feet.

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    Looks like a pants button (metal) or something. You said your butt was there, so it was something in your pocket or a button. You got to be careful with nylon hammocks. They are all suspect to this happening.

    A small patch applied with silicone will do it up just fine. That doesn't look like ENO's regular fabric. I also don't think ENO is much on quality control these days.

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    I think some of the threads got broken. That was the outside of the double layer. I had a pad between me and that layer

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    What I would do to make sure that it doesn't spread is to sew grosgrain around the area after using the tear aid. Since the tear is in your butt area where a large amount of force is put onto the hammock.

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    Go to your local airport and ask the Maint hangar there for a small piece of Ceconite aircraft covering fabric and glue. That'll do it.

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