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    I played around with some setups tonight and I tried klemheist knots attached with a Dutch hook. The klemheist knots seemed to hold a bit better with the Zing-it on Zing-it line than the prusik knots I was trying.

    I'm going to give a continuous line a shot this week as well.

    I did realize that I had enough Zing-It to tie up between two distant mountains. It sure doesn't look like there's much there, but it's deceiving.

    This is one of those bad for the OCD moments: trying to find the "perfect" setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raskusdrotti View Post
    Hiya Brian,

    I have a continuous ridge line set up with my Superfly using a Dutch hook at one end and a tarp flyz at the other. It's 10 metres / 33ft long and uses a pair of nacrabiner prussiks to hang the superfly.

    Works for me...
    +1 to that

    I use the same system but with regular prusiks tied in with 2mm cord

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