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    Glad to see you out and about with JD and Sky dog. Looks like a nice trip. Isn't it great to get a challenge like the rain and see how your prep work paid off?

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    One of my favorite places on earth. I'm glad to here you had fun even in the rain. Next time your there hike down to blackbird knob and spend the night. It's only a couple miles and well worth the effort. The trail head is beside Red Creek campground.
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    I got my Driducks from the Frogg Togg website. And yes the Frogg Toggs are thicker and more durable than my Driducks, and both are excellent and seemed to be pretty darn equal in keeping you dry. JD had a Frogg Togg jacket at camp and I had my Driducks jacket so we had plenty of time and rain to make a comparison.

    Didn't make it to Black Bird Knob, Rockrat, but I'll put it on my list now that you mentioned it. Did make it to Bear Rocks on my way out. Very cool.

    Jack, my No Sniv down underquilt performed great. It was hung under my hammock from Thursday night through Sunday morning. Half of that time water was running directly under hammock and it was absolutely fine. I did go back to raise and tighten up hammock to make sure it would not hang too low once I was in it. My hammock was hung over tall grass so I didn't have to worry about splash or misting because grass absorbed falling rain. But we did have fog roll in at different times that you can see in my first attachment picture. But I didn't have any problems with either top sleeping bag or No Sniv underquilt.

    No water absorbtion as far as I could tell. One time I pulled my WM Summerlite top bag out of hammock and put it in screened tent to air out but that really wasn't all that necessary. Both down bag and No Sniv down quilt were fine.

    I have a synthetic bag and my down ones, but even when weather forecasts call for rain, I use my down bags because they keep me so much warmer and are lighter even though synthetic bag has same temperature rating.

    Of course down cost me more than synthetic bag, but I've never regretted spending extra money because in long run they are definitely worth it IMHO. Plus I've always gotten mine on sale, which helps a little.

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