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    Read the fine print!!

    This thread has went way off what I originally intended. I wish I could change the title. The gist is this: I missed the disclaimer that the biners were not included and I assumed they were. My mistake, had nothing to do with Brandon or Warbonnet. I should have read the description. I didn't. What can I say, I was excited about ordering!!

    My only intent in starting this was to let potential buyers know that biners were not included and to be sure and read every thing

    "OK, so I got my WBBB 1.1 dbl and couldn't wait to set it up. Got everything ready and discovered that I didn't have any carabiners to use. Went back to the website and read and discovered that the carabiners are not included. Ordered a pair and now I have to wait again.
    Don't make the same dumb mistake I made. I assumed that everything I needed was included and it's not.

    The moral of the story...Read the fine print."
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