I recently received my bridge hammock and would like to set a ridge line so that I might hang some of my gear off of the ground (I hate the idea of bugs/water infiltrating), but I'm not sure at all what I'm doing. It's not structural, and I'm not looking to hang any more than what's outside of my pack at night (cookset, boots, water, etc).

I was thinking of simply running some line in between the metal rings (the top of the triangle), but I since I am brand spankin' new to hammocking, I'm afraid that I'll upset the cosmos and break something (namely my backside). I'll be using a JRB 11x10 tarp, so, theoretically, the line, nor anything on it, should be exposed to the elements.

1) Is this an okay method?
2) What kind of cord might I use? I have read that 550 para cord, although strong enough, has too much stretch to be used effectively (as in I would run a good chance of having my gear all over me by morn).
3) Is this line, if tied reasonably taut, under so much stress that a 100 pound string of spectra cord would snap? I'll only be attaching ~20 pounds of gear (if that much).
4) Is this a line that I can/should leave attached? Or will I want to retie it every time (perhaps with the use of biners or something).
5) If I do use biners to attach a ridge line, will they have to be load bearing biners? Or will a generic biner work fine?

Many thanks in advance.