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    need some help with doing a little DIY to some snivel gear

    hey guys,
    Sorry this is maybe a tiny bit off topic, but I doubt there is a better group of experts to help point me in the right direction then the DIY crew here.

    Like nearly everyone who has ever has the pleasure of getting one, I simply cant survive the outdoors without my trusty USGI poncho Liner aka WOOBIE. I recently upgraded from the issue liner to a super nice Ziggy's made ACU liner with the ties as opposed to zippered version.

    Since I wanted to be able to use it to act more as shelter/sleeping bag in the elements, the first thing I did was feed a line of paracord along both top and bottom edges with a cord lock to be able to pull the liner tight around my feet and shoulders.

    But now I decided that what I really need is to somehow install a row of snaps every 8-10 inches or so up the side of the blanket to easily seal myself in snug as a bug, since the stock tie offs don't do the trick.

    So my question is, how hard is it to install a standard pair of button snaps into a fairly thin piece of liner. Is this something I can do myself or do I need to take it to a seamstress or someone?

    Do they work like a rivet to get them seated? if anyone would be able to pont me in the right direction to wher eI can pick up a bunch of snaps and any device I may need to install them into the sides of my liner I would really apreciate it.


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    I guess it depends on the type of snaps you're using. Spring utility snaps can be easily placed on items thicker than a dress shirt but weigh a bit much and are shiny chrome/nickel usually. To install them you would need a seating tool and a hammer (Hancock sells dritz kits with the snaps/seating tool). These snaps are much like rivets and work well. The open prong snaps on the other hand could be color matched but I would not trust on your liner. Often these fall out and they tend to cut circles in the fabric if seated too tightly.

    So yes you could easily put some spring snaps on there. That being said, for very little $ you could get polyacetal resin snaps put on there that would weigh less and could color match. Those would be my choice but hey, I get paid to put them on peoples gear. Polyacetal snaps require a special die/pliers minimum, I use a press. I don't know what kind of services are available in your area but search for cottage industry cloth diapers if you're interested in these.
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