hey guys,
Sorry this is maybe a tiny bit off topic, but I doubt there is a better group of experts to help point me in the right direction then the DIY crew here.

Like nearly everyone who has ever has the pleasure of getting one, I simply cant survive the outdoors without my trusty USGI poncho Liner aka WOOBIE. I recently upgraded from the issue liner to a super nice Ziggy's made ACU liner with the ties as opposed to zippered version.

Since I wanted to be able to use it to act more as shelter/sleeping bag in the elements, the first thing I did was feed a line of paracord along both top and bottom edges with a cord lock to be able to pull the liner tight around my feet and shoulders.

But now I decided that what I really need is to somehow install a row of snaps every 8-10 inches or so up the side of the blanket to easily seal myself in snug as a bug, since the stock tie offs don't do the trick.

So my question is, how hard is it to install a standard pair of button snaps into a fairly thin piece of liner. Is this something I can do myself or do I need to take it to a seamstress or someone?

Do they work like a rivet to get them seated? if anyone would be able to pont me in the right direction to wher eI can pick up a bunch of snaps and any device I may need to install them into the sides of my liner I would really apreciate it.