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    Where did my post go?

    Hey all,
    Did I commit a foopar or something? I had a post here about turning a Thermos into a cookset and it has been moved or removed. I apologise if I did something wrong, unknowingly.
    I just wanted to thank everyone who gave me feedbck on the idea.

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    This is the hammock-related DIY section. Your post was moved to the Off-Topic forum.

    This is a moderated site about hammocks. Off-topic posts will be removed from the hammock subforums.

    We started HF to become the single best source of hammock camping information on the internet. Our goal is to provide a respectful forum for hammock enthusiasts, and to ensure that it runs smoothly…not to grow the forum, nor to provide a friendly discussion forum for general outdoor enthusiasts. Discussion of knives, stoves, paddling, backpacks and other non-hammock related issues detracts from our primary objective. Excellent information on all of these topics can be found on dozens of other sites around the internet...but only this site can claim to have the most experts on hammock camping in the world and we plan to keep that focus.

    All threads not directly related to hammocks and hammock camping will be moved to the Donating Members section. Fewer posts, but higher quality ones focused on our primary mission area, is a perfectly acceptable outcome of this policy. Please note that if you are not a donating member, you will not have access to a thread you started that gets moved to the off-topic area. You may either participate on topic in the free access areas or donate to get access.
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    Oh I can only imagine how many threads have been started with "Where did my post go?" as the title.
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