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    For seven years JRB has supported the ATC, CDTA and AHS as well as the forum communities of and This year we have decided to broaden our role as good corporate citizens and initiate an effort to support the American Cancer Society.We have livened up the selection of summer top quilts, actually down throws, Jacozies, and have a little fun supporting the American Cancer Society.

    A special, limited production run of all pink or all teal down throws is available until current quantities are gone. These down simple quilt throws are sized exactly as our popular Shenandoah quilt. They have a sewn foot box. They are intended for use as throws in the home or as top quilts by the summer camper. They do not have any of the standard JRB corner tabs or side ladder loops. Consequently they will not function as under quilts and they are just a bit lighter, at approximately 13.9 ounces, than the Shenandoah quilts. They all have 800 fp down. A portion of the proceeds of the JRB Jacozy sales will go to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research and prostate cancer research.

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