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    Wow! Good to see this happens to others as well. Hope you got to have that hang!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StaplesHuskies View Post
    that or convince your wife that hammocking is actually neat like mine did.
    ===> BINGO! I took both my Warbonnet and my Hennessy Exped out WITH my wife to a local lake, told here it would be a nice walk, and I wanted to "adjust" my hammocks. She had told me that she could never fall asleep in a hammock. After set-up, and some tea, she tried sitting, then lying in the BlackBird, and promptly fell dead asleep! LOL! She now feels that she will try an overnight with me - in a hammock - as long as there are showers and clean bathrooms available. Gotcha - perfect campground in NH for that - Lost River Campground - private showers, clean clean bathrooms, and other amenities, like great discount shopping just up the road apiece, and great fishing for me rich there in the campgrounds!

    Make her comfortable, have some fun, pay strict attention to the enjoyment of the experience, and it all works out.

    Of course sometimes I just go out into the wilderness by myself with minimal kit - she won't be tagging along for those trips!

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    Finally I set everything up! Today I received my Lash-It from Redden Marine and made me a continuous ridge line for my tarp. It's been raining everyday in the Houston area for the past week and I finally got a break. After careful checking of videos on tarp set up, etc I think I did a decent job of my Chinook 12X9.6. I decided to run down to the local city park and set up everything for the 1st time, including my WBBB 1.1. My thinking was that no one would be there due to the crappy weather (wrong) and I won't end up on You Tube as “local idiot can't tie a knot and falls on his backside”. The main thing I learned were that I should have reviewed the recommended knot suggested for the WBBB with line as what I tied slipped and I likely need to set myself up to use the marlin spike.

    For some reason it was a very unnatural feeling my 1st time to sit down on the hammock, kind of like that 1st step when rappelling over the side of a building. However, once I rolled in to lay down; I have to say that it was the most comfortable I’ve been in the laying position in a while and can’t wait until an all niter. I’m a “prepare, plan, and practice” type of person so that might be a little while; but I do plan on some day, siesta, type set ups.
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