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    Explorer Deluxe vs Explorer Ultralite

    Are there any differences between the two Explorer models? Are they identical in all dimensions, and comfort level? Is the only change to the ultralite, the lighter materials used in construction.

    I'm only 5'8 about 185lbs, so I won't be taxing the ultralight, but I really want a comfort upgrade to my Expedition.

    The Deluxe has been back ordered for months!
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    i have both. i carried the UL on long distance (was lighter). my son uses the other one now. i see no difference in comfort. i'm 6-3, 220#
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    I would call Hennessy Hammocks and confirm this but when I was researching the differences in the explorer sized hammocks I found the suspension is the deciding factor in the weight limits see replies 9 and 10 in this post

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