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    Rainy Day = New Tarp

    A rainy day today inspired me to make a tarp I had in mind. The idea was a small tarp to be used mostly as a sun shade and to trap as little heat as possible while hanging on the deck. I had decided on a 10' x 5' to be used in a diamond mode.

    I found a piece of 1.1 silnylon 2nds I had that was 66" wide. The reinforcements are 200d silnylon. All materials came from D.I.Y. Gear Supply.

    The finished tarp turned out to be 122"x65" (slightly larger than an OES MacCat Micro) with shallow cat cuts. It's a bit on the heavy side at 10.6 oz. That's what I get for using the 200d, 3/4" nylon and triangle tie outs instead of lighter materials. Overall, I'm happy with the results.

    Set up as diamond and rectangle...
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