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    Top Quilt for a NX-250/150?

    I'm operating under the assumption that I will be getting a Clark NX-250 or 150 with a Z-liner. I will most often be using it for three season camping in Wisconsin. But I will also have a multi-day trip in Hawaii during the rainy season. I am having difficulty determining what my best solution would be. At first I was looking at a SeaToSummit Traverse XtI but then I came across things like a three season Mamba and Nunatak Arc Alpinist. But I feel particularly lost on this one.

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    Then I found the Marmot Plasma 15. I really am at a loss.

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    The Sea to Summit and Marmot you listed are sleeping bags, not Top Quilts. The Mamba is a Top Quilt.

    A top quilt saves weight, and pack space, but eliminating the insulation that would be crushed as you lay on top of it - making it ineffective.

    Jacks R Better, HammockGear, Warbonnet, Arrowhead, Tree to Tree Trail Gear, and a few others listed on this site sell Top Quilts that work very well. Each has a temp. rating that will help you decide. Mostly it depends on if you are a warm or cold sleeper as to which degree quilt will work best for you. I'm sure you'll be more than happy with any from these vendors.

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    I understand the difference between top quilts and sleeping bags. But at the expense of weight, they can do the same job. With my lack of experience, at the cost of quality products, my thought is that at least a sleeping bag has additional uses. In the case of the Traverse it can completely unzip and become a duvet. I've seen others with that feature as well. It's variables like those that spin my head.

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    if you are not going to spend the money on a quality top quilt, i would just use a marmot 15 trestles bag. they can be found for about $89. But eventually you will want a top quilt, of which i would recommend

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    I like the 20*F Burrow.

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    The Burrow is great. You could option to have the footbox with the corded closure and or snaps. With the cord, you can open it up to vent out the end. With snaps, you can open it up like a quilt.

    Another option that I did was a GoLite 1 season quilt. The idea is that your pad insulates you from the ground, so it only has to tuck into the pad. Its got no zipper. It has two straps that are on buckles, so that you can put the straps around the pad to lock it in place:

    Another option would be to just get this from their clearance closet:

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    I prefer the snaps I think. As for the GoLite options, I'm looking for 3-season stuff.

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    I just ordered a 40° Burrow (with 1 oz overstuff) from Hammock Gear. (With luck, it will arrive today or tomorrow!) Rates down to about 35°ish. I also own a 20° Burrow (also with 1 oz overstuff) which should be comfy down to about 15°.

    Never want to sleep in a sleeping bag in the hammock again! Top Quilts are the bomb!
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