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    Ditto what DemostiX said bout JRB.

    I know nothing about the Vertex tarps, they may be the better choice for all I know. But when comparing the RL lengths ( of 11 vs 10'7"? ), be sure to find out if both are rectangular cut, as is the JRB. For a given length RL, the rectangle will give you more end coverage than the hex, and will be a little easier to close "doors" on, and will be easier to use in a wider variety of pitches like Baker Huts and pitching on the short ridge for a "hammock hut" etc. Then again, all other things equal, it will weigh more. so as always, trade offs.

    I think my wonderful Mac Cat Dlx Hex had the same 11 ft RL as my JRB, but I had significantly better coverage of my JRB Bridge with the JRB tarp. Then again, I think the JRB weighed about 5 or 6 oz more, so there are your choices!

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    The fly you have is 10' x 10'7'', so to get any more meaningful coverage, width wise, it will have to be pretty wide. The ones with doors do look attractive, especially in rainy seasons.

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