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    bigger is better;)
    HG, JRB, UGQ, WL
    If it aint Dutch..

    Spoiled by my BMBH...

    I love my BMBH and almost fell asleep in it first time i hung it (this is easy when you're old like me).


    Side-sleeping -check.
    Sleeping on stomach -works for parts of the night -same as my matress at home.
    Pillow required -check; but clothing in a stuff sack works too.
    No back, knee, or leg pains, or stiffness -check.
    Shoulder' touching sides -check; but not with a pad loaded (and I usually sleep on side anyway). Then again, I'm not built like an NFL lineman...
    OK as a lounger but not great -check; but works well enough as a lounger to cook, change shoes, fiddle with gear, and enjoy the scenery.

    Still, bodies may vary
    Those here recommending it is best to try them all then buy the one you can't do without are wise.

    I also use a Nano 7 for day trips -as more of a lounger.
    Some say the Nano 7 sleeps well but i can never get comfy enough in that one to last more than an hour or so at a time. Spoiled by my BMBH...and curious about Brandon's new bridge too.
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    It seems like comfort is case by case. I thought I might be ideal since i am 5 8" 140 although results seem to vary. I guess theres only one way to find out! I was thinking about a jrb but I've been tempted to wait for the warbonnet design to come out.

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    I have tried several Bridge Hammocks, Grizz Bridge, DIY, Bridge's, JRB BMBH and a JRB BMBH UL.

    All have been extremely uncomfortable EXCEPT the JRB BMBH UL. The BMBH UL is not cut as deep so I found that I laid higher up in it which did not create as much solder squeeze as the other bridges I have tried. I am 6' 210. Now on the other hand my wife who is very petite find bridges way more comfortable then gathered ends. She loves them cause she find it easier to sleep on her stomach. For car camping I like to use a bridge but when I pack I never bring a bridge due to the weight penalty. I'd say try to make it to a group hang so you can check a few out. Otherwise just buy one and if you do not like it resell it for most likely only a small monetary loss.
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