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    Quote Originally Posted by pellet gun View Post
    Rock out with my Glock out.
    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I never leave home without mine!!

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    The big weekend is coming up! Our first outing in the hammocks is scheduled for May 18-20. I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

    Thanks for all the input!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCPatrick View Post
    Take off, you hoser! j/k of course.
    "My brother's a genius, he installed our car stereo..." -Strange Brew 1983
    "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

    Benjamin Franklin

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    What I'd bring with me

    I just got back from my first hang. Having some practice quickly setting up the right would've been great. There was a HUGE storm front coming in just as I was walking into the campsite. I only had enough time to get my tarp, hammock, and groundsheet set up (no ridgeline).

    It was 60 degrees, and I had a 50 degree fleece sleeping bag. I had another blanket backed with ripstop nylon to put in the sleeping bag, but it was supposed to be rigged up as an underquilt attached to a ridgeline. I wasn't freezing, but I also wouldn't say I was warm.

    Other things that went wrong (this was a first outing since childhood, so lots of gear testing):

    Fuel bottle burst, leaked alcohol on my bag. Was using a POS plastic travel bottle. Got a sturdy nail polish remover bottle for $.50 that I stood on for 15 minutes with no leakage.

    I'd some food to a more accessible pocket on my pack, as well as get a small plastic sheet that I can put my bag on when I need to set it down. This was a problem because, even though I needed to eat, I'd keep pushing because it was inconvenient to stop, put down the pack, dig through the main compartment, and get something.

    SPAM: Nope. I saw Shug eating the spam singles and, never having had it before, thought I'd give it a go. I broke it up into some mashed potatoes and after one bite, I forced myself to eat another couple spoonfuls and gave the rest to my dog. Big ups for those of you who can eat it. I thought I was a pretty undiscerning eater up until two nights ago.

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    +1 UQ and Hat. Plus puffy jacket in case the temp drops lower than you planned for.

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    +1 UQ. my first night i was fine with just my poncho liner wrapped around me and had the best most comfortable night i've ever had in the outdoors. The second night temps dipped into the 50s and i was freezing until finally at 5 in the morning i gave up and threw the pad in and wasn't as comfortable. Being drunk didn't help either. I can't wait until i can afford an underquilt.

    Side entry hammock. The velcro bottom entry is a lot less convenient than i thought it would be. can't sit in it and take your shoes off easily.

    Lighter plastic sheet or gear hammock. i used a cheap green tarp to put my gear on. It worked, but would be too heavy to hike with.

    I was at a family campground and struggled to find a place to change. not enough privacy under the small stock hennessey tarp. So i would say a bigger tarp too. I have one now (hennessey hex) and will be testing it out at the end of the month.

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