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    DD modular jungle hammock
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    wilderness logics
    whoopie sling
    i do like my new front line dd hammock and my dd tarps they rockneo
    the matrix has you

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    Neo - since you have both the DD Frontline and the Claytor, can you give some comparison points? They both look very similar, but the devil is in the details that we can't see in photos on the web. Pricing is similar too, so I'm having trouble deciding which to get.

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    So new to this -- since the first of the year -- I just checked out a DVD, "Pierrepoint, The Last HangMan."

    When I saw a new post on this thread, I started reading from the beginning, as I've tried to get a DD without sponsoring the Royal Mail. I didn't notice that first posts were almost three years old.

    I want here only to affirm values others, also late to the thread, have expressed earlier.

    Repeated, vituperative, slams on product and people last longer than can possibly have been deserved or fair. Elsewhere in the world, most of those convicted of armed robbery serve shorter sentences than the slams linger on a company that has been specing and sourcing hammocks for a long time, and on one of that company's reputable agents

    To anyone who says -- "Yes, but you can read the whole record, now out to 10 pages of postings -- I say "That was splendid and useless hindsight to anybody reading the thread when it started." Hell, I only learned several posts in that the complaint was about one factory second. But, even there, I have had no experience in lots of years of buying a "factory second" in which a reputable manufacturer had released product which should have been literally trashed, destroyed, rather than be released.

    I'll now go back to reading some intermediate pages in this resurrected thread; and I'll post elsewhere some questions about why, considering low marginal costs, anybody makes 8-9 foot hammocks, and why anybody making a serious hammock includes nylon rope for suspension lines, ( if those questions are not answered.) (There's a parallel in the last to current bicycle design, where near nobody dares make bottom-bracket support areas for the axle which are less than maximally "stiff." As though doing that has been impossible for 100 years. Smelly orthodoxies.

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