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I truely don't want to start an arguement and mean this as a discussion point.... But, a lot of people use 550 cord too and manage not to kill themselves. I think the 550 users are nuts and are pressing their luck. On the other hand, how does the strength of most hammock nylon compair to the dynaglide?
I'm still using 7mm accessory cord and am looking to make the chamge to whoopies. I'm not in a big rush because I'm not worried about weight (of rigging) and am making the change for the "cool new hardware" factor.
I hung from paracord for years before I found this site. Never had a problem with it. It is great stuff,but it does however, really soak up a lot of water when it rains. My main reason for switching to amsteel and dynaglide, was to try out the constrictors, ie. whoopies slings and ucr's, which I've come to really like.