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    Ultimate DIY Project List

    Hello all,

    I got tired of searching through a million threads to try to find the handful of super helpful, instruction-packed DIY project threads. I thought I would compile a list to make my life a little bit easier. Since I did the leg work, I figured I might as well share the fruits of my labor with you all.

    Let me know what I missed!

    Top Quilt
    Down Top Quilt (te-wa)
    Down Top Quilt Measurement Spreadsheet (gt7599a)
    Poncho Liner Top Quilt (Steve D)
    Kick *** Quilts TQ (?)
    Poncho Liner TQ (PLTQ) (Steve D)

    Under Quilt
    IX (Insultex) Under Quilt (sclittlefield)
    Red River Gorge Quilt (Coffee)
    No-Sew 2-Layer 2/3 Poncho Liner UQ (dejoha)
    Summer weight, Sewn-through UQ (MAD777)
    Poncho Liner UQ (PLUQ) (dejoha)

    DIY Cuben Tarp - minimal sewing, using VHB Tape (SGT Rock)
    Tyvek UGLY Tarp (Hangandy)
    Cat Cut Hex Tarp from Cheap Poly Tarp (Steve D)
    Tyvek Tarp (tuliku)
    Black Cat Tarp (BlackBishop351)
    Catenary Curve Spreadsheet (MAD777)
    No Seam Asym Diamond Tarp (nacra533)

    WBBB Hammock Thoughts (TheXringHunt)
    Warbird WBB Style Hammock (1022)
    DIY Hennessy Hammock (headchange4u)
    Stretch-side Hammock (Knotty)
    Gathered End Hammock (Knotty)
    Hammock with Foot Box (TZBrown)
    Tyvek Hammock Video (tuliku)
    GrizzBridge Part 1 (GrizzleyAdams)
    GrizzBridge Part 2 (GrizzleyAdams)
    GrizzBridge Part 3 (GrizzleyAdams)
    GrizzBridge Part 4 (GrizzleyAdams)

    Whoopie Sling Spreadsheet (NomadicPsyche)
    Single Line Suspension (BearChaser)
    Whoopie Sling Suspension (SlowBro)
    Toggle System Setup (Buttinasling)

    Bug Net
    Video - How to make a bug net (Fronkey)
    Detached Bug net (Knotty)
    Hammock Tube Bug Net (dejoha)
    The Hug - Hammock Half Bug Net (dejoha)
    SUL BugSock (PapaSmurf)

    Camp Seat/Gear Hammock/Pack Cover (SteelerNation)
    NoSeeUm Tarp Skins with Guy Line Storage (headchange4u)
    Hammock Snake Skins (Tubes) (Just Jeff)
    Black Bishop Bag (hippofeet)
    Making a Stuff Sack to an Exact Size (nacra533)

    Hammock Stands
    2x4 Portable Hammock Stand (TrailH4x)
    turtlelady's Bamboo Stand (turtlelady)
    Portable Hammock Stand (Alamosa)
    Hammock Stand (jjthedog)

    Continuous Loop (opie)
    Locked Brummel (opie)
    Soft Shackle (Buttinasling)
    Another Soft Shackle (Redoleary)
    Shock Cord Tensioners (headchange4u)

    General Gear Making
    Gear Making Instructional Video Series (Ramblinrev)
    Make your own SilNylon (warbonnetguy)
    How to Stuff Down (Fronkey)
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