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    UKhammocks NEW Quilt Clips

    Just a heads up for you all, These are our new Quilt clips! For all the guys who would like to order these from the USA if you email us @ we will discount the shipping as our system will charge you too much!

    Happ Hangin'

    Don't mess with Mother Nature as we are small and biodegradable!

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    Very nice alternative to hooks, adapting the complete mature technology of nylon/plastic strap locks used in making tens of millions of bicycle helmets per year, most of which must meet standards for cycles of clipping/unclipping and strength of the strap lock.

    The hammock already has many cords and suspension lines associated with it. I like the prospect, with this point of disconnect, of leaving the shock cord suspension attached to the hammock, and just plugging in the under-quilt. After disconnection, there will NO cords hanging off it. Just like no cords hanging off the top quilt.

    Neater, IMO, as it makes it easy to throw the UQ in and be protected by the hammock.
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