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    Have a few questions

    This is my first post here and I'm not sure its the right place. I want to get a ENO hammock.
    Here are my QUESTIONS:

    1. im 5'9" 150# would i even benefit from getting a double?
    2. I now the stock suspension system are not the best what do you replace it with?
    3. I want a small light tarp but don't know where to look. Recommendations?
    4. Bug net- is there a easier system than the ENO?

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    Welcome to the forum. I can't answer specifically for each question, but if you have settled on the ENO, a double is good if you plan to do 3-season camping. I think you can add a pad or other insulation between the layers on that one.
    You might want to take a look at the other hammock venders on this site and take advantage of the many articles here before jumping in with both feet. I'm pretty sure you will be changing and/or adding many more hammock items as you get deeper into this style of "relaxation".
    P.S. Look under the Forum tag to finder the vendors that are mostly "cottage" industry types.

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    If by a "double" you mean a doublenest model, then it is still a single layer hammock. It is wider and considered far more comfortable than a singlenest. I had a DIY made to the Doublenest specs and it was very nice.

    I am not aware of a double layer ENO hammock but I am not closely familiar with their line of products.
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    By double i meant to say double nest sorry for the confusion

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    The "double" in DoubleNest refers to width, as it's still a single layer hammock.

    Ok. Get the Double. I know you're small and it seems like you don't need that much [you probably don't need that much], but you'll want that much. It's a comfort thing, and it's awesome. Note: you're basically the same size as my girlfriend, the double has been fantastic for her.

    Most people favor a whoopiesling setup, or a webbing only set up. Check the suspension sub forum.

    PapaSmurf and Warbonnet make simple bugnets.

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    I just bought a ENO doublenest onelink sleep system. I've set it up twice, spent several hours chilling, but haven't spent the night in it yet. Some hind-sight info after I've made the purchase and tested it out some... I LOVE the hammock and bugnet. Hammock is very roomy (im 6ft and 250lbs) and i can stretch out on different angles. The bugnet is solid and lets plenty of air through for those worried about feeling claustrophobic. What I don't like about it is the tarp's (DryFly) size- it's made very well but i don't see me staying dry in a downpour if i use it; AND, of course the suspension system... I'm a big guy and the nylon webbing is already starting to stretch which means having to adjust with not so adjustable strapping.

    So I'd avoid the onelink system (I thought i had all my eggs covered in that basket but i was wrong- I found a sale and jumped on it). I've already ordered whoopie slings/marlin system from to replace the slap straps and I ordered a cheap gearguide 11'x11' tarp from as a back up if i get nailed by heavy rain. I'm also having to replace my tarp lines because the cord is herniating where it was folded.

    Get the DN for sure, its a great hammock- bugnet is spot on too. avoid slapstraps and shop around for a good tarp.

    just an FYI.
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    Research this forum thoroughly before you decide and check out all the great hammocks, bugnets and tarps out there. I think you will find something to fit your needs. Also, keep an eye on the for sale thread for great deals on some super gear. I think you will do better there.
    Also you can get stuff in the for sale thread with suspension already on it.
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    Thanks for all the tips and info it has helped greatly!

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    If you want a bugnet and its for camping, I'd suggest that you get one that's build in. There are several vendors here with great models, i.e. WBBB, TTTG, DangerBird, Clark, Hennessey, etc.

    As far as a basic hammock, the ENO Double is much more comfortable than the single, as you can lay diagonal better. That being said, a longer one is more comfortable. I found that I preferred the Grand Trunk parachute Double over my ENO double. I preferred my Kammok over my Grand Trunk. That being said, I love all three of them and any of the three would be great. I prefer these hammocks in the winter over a bug net version as they're light, compact and easy to set up.

    If you want to check out some photos of them and how to do a whoopie, look at my gallery.

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