Please note: what I am about to describe is not currently on the Dutchware site. I don't have an official name from Dutch for these items, but I did get permission first from Dutch before posting this product review. He saw my need from another post and sent me a solution without me even asking. That's how great a guy he is!

Dutch sent me a set of plastic hooks that work perfectly for my SuperFly Doors. They are easy to use one handed, stay in place in windy conditions, and are small and I don't worry about them snagging lines when putting the tarp away. I have tested them at home under very rainy and windy conditions with no problems. I took them into the field and let a total novice use them without much instruction with no problems. These hooks for my doors are great.

My best picture of these is this one:

Here are my fuzzy pictures of them in action.

Stowing the doors:

Closing the entry for easy in and out at night:

Hooking to a ring:

Hooking to my tarp tensioners:

Hooking to a post:

Hooking to the line (for tensioning):

Keeping the doors open:

They work great in keeping my doors hooked open or closed, and thought I'd share this quick review.

Thanks Dutch!!