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    Hammock suspension

    Hi: I'm a hammock newbie, and have been reading the various posts on knotted and knotless methods of hanging a hammock. I have a Clark North American, and am frustrated with the slippery stock ropes and the bowline knot they suggest. the Hennessey lashing looks simple enough, but it doesn't work well with the large stiff Clark ropes. I ran across a thread mentioning "MUTT'S ADJUSTABLE HAMMOCK SUSPENSION' technique, but was unable to find any further info. Any help in explaining his technique would be appreciated. I'm also unsure of exactly HOW tightly to suspend the main hammock. I've learned that there are both loose as well as tight fans. I never thought this was so complicated! However, I am glad I found this forum and look forward to learning all about this pursuit. TIA Ron W

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    ron, are you using tree straps? it actually makes it easier to use line with. i actually prefer the slippery stuff. anyway, try girth hitching some tree straps to the tree (which protects the tree and our right to hang) then tie the suspension line to the free end of the tree strap. you can use a few knots that are quick and easy. a slipped double sheetbend is a good start and pretty fast to tie and untie (faster than the hh lashing) and comes untied with a yank if you need to adjust or pack up.

    people have also used a trucker's hitch with this same type setup as well, but you will need to add some rings. this ties off easily with a couple of slipped half hitches.

    you could go all webbing as well, and ditch the lightweight line, and make adjustments with various webbing adjusters such as cinch buckles.

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    If you're like me; I speak every language but Greek, and knots are Greek to me!! So here's a great site that has helped me.

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