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    I was surprised how nice it was once I setup the ridgeline.

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    Yep. Same problem here. I find that I either need something underneath my knees or to lay in a "figure 4" position to avoid it. Usually during any time of year but right now through October, I have extra clothing that can go in a stuff sack under my knees. During the summer (which lasts six months here in FL), I just lay in a figure 4, with my right foot tucked under my left leg.

    Hope it helps!

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    ridge line

    Quote Originally Posted by copperhead View Post
    dont have a ridgeline, thats my next project.
    I don't know that a ridge line is magical at all, but it sure helps to duplicate the last hang, saves a lot of adjustment time, and the line doesn't have to be super strong as not that much load is on it. All the other advise is great as well, I use it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbcruzin View Post
    It took me a while to dial mine as well with a ridgeline. I also sleep on my side and after some fiddling I got it set perfect in my ENO DN. It took a few hours but most of that was test napping.
    You have to love an interest that includes test napping as part of dialing in your gear!

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    A stuff sack or figure 4, for me. The problem is that the fabric doesn't give where your heels lay, which creates the hyperextension.
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    I use a neck pillow, and a stuff sack pillow for my knees----------works pretty good! Its part of being a tall person in a gathered end hammock!
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