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    Dream Hammock for tall people? Is it a dream come true?

    I saw the Dream Hammock product line last night (I wish I found this guy 4 weeks ago). Would ya'll consider these hammocks longer and wider than average? Specifically the DangerBird 72? His 'Crinkle 90' looks huge. I ask because this is another "I'm 6'4" 215lb and I'm looking for a hammock that fits me" thread.

    Is anyone here who owns a DangerBird 72 taller than 6'4"? Are you getting a flatter lay compared to other hammocks you have tried in the past?

    Why doesn't this guy have his own manufacturer forum? Is he too new?

    Thanks in advance.

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    His name on the forum is Papa Smurf.
    my hammock gear weights total: 2430g (~86oz)
    Winter: total 2521 (~89oz)
    (see my profile for detailed weights)

    gram counter, not gram weenie!

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    I am only 5'9", but I love my DangerBird 72. It is huge and I think you will have no problem with a nice flat diagonal lay. Hopefully some taller folks will chime in. There is a wait list though, so if you want one, you better order now. It is definitely worth the wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pulsemod View Post

    Why doesn't this guy have his own manufacturer forum? Is he too new?

    Thanks in advance.
    Yeah, he is too new and they will likely hold off adding him until his current popularity has lasted the test of time. As for height, I am a short guy, sorry.
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    I'm only 6'2" but pushing 2 and 3 quarters. My 90x132 is more comfortable my 60x132 was. It IS huge and I love it. Not necessary by any means, I love my BlackBird over sleeping on the ground, it's not as stretchy as my home hammock, but it is a little claustrophobic compared to my 90x132.

    Lucky me, I don't get claustrophobic. Have yelled at MRI folks for waking me up during the tests.

    "Ok, we have another series of scans"
    "COULD YOU BE QUITE!!! Trying to get some sleep in here. Wake me up when you're done."

    If the extra weight won't bother you, I'd get it big boy. You're not going to get any smaller anytime soon.
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    Shug's Hammock Newbies videos - Takes you buy the hand and shows you in video
    The Ultimate Hang D. Hansen - now read about everything
    JustJeff's Hammock tutorial - more reference
    TableclothFactoryBlanks - shorter lengths available on sidebar
    The TurtleDog Stand thread - Hang anywhere.

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    Hi pulsemod, I'm 6'4" 220, I've got several, to many, but the go to's were wbbb, an 11ft smokehouse, WL night owl (very comfortable and still used a lot, but After Randy made me the DB double, most all of mine r doubles, sans the ENO's and various ones I loan, the DB (prior to new material) albeit I do have one of his Big 90's and love it, became my go to, shortly after getting it took off to central / so america and lived in it for over a month, it was excellent in hard use, I sleep left right and stomach, it allows all positions, and my primary purpose in going to hammocks was for comfort and a good nights rest. The sweet spot as with the WL is easy to find, it's there. The connivence of cover and netting just makes it simple. It is a great set up and Randy and his work is exceptional, my 3 cents, iim

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    adj webbing
    6' and 240 (and falling) I love my db 72 it has lots of room

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    Db 72

    I'm 6'7" tall weigh approx 340 lbs and there's heaps of room inside my DB72

    The only minor issue I've got with mine , is one side of the netting seems to have a lot of tension on it (Excessive ?) and a lot of force on the zipper, ( the left side - I sleep with my head on the left side of the ridge line)whereas the other side is loose , and consequently no load on the zipper. I reduce this by not using the tie outs at all.

    The zips themselves are close to the fabric and can snag easily especially where the tie out attachments are. EG the heavier ,chunkier zips on my NX250 are well away from the netting/overcover about 1/2" clearance to the fabric either side of the zip.

    That said, I'm still "tweakiing" my rig and learning more about it as I go along.
    It's right up there with the best rigs I've got if you keep the above issues in mind when using it.
    I use a DD hammock sleeve to store it away .Takes 15 seconds to slide it over hammock.It is however about 1 foot short.Looking to get a sleeve custom made

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