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    Chinook sealing and questions

    So I bought a Chinook tarp. Decent tarp aside from the sticky issue. Im wanting to sew on some extra pullouts and am not sure how to proceed with this particular tarp. The description says that its made of "Ripstop polyester taffeta with a 2000 mm polyurethane waterproof coating". Apparently the tieouts that aren't grommets are made of nylon so Im wondering if I should use nylon webbing (will it not stretch?), polyester webbing or grosgrain? What thread should I use.....poly or nylon? Also, not sure if this is a better question for the DIY section, but after sewing on the additional tieouts how should I seal it? Does anyone know of a DIY solution for seam sealing this tarp given the material/coating/strap material? Can I dilute polyurethane and brush it on? Sometimes the internet can be too much information so i probably need to stop reading so much.

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    I would use whatever webbing you happen to have. The lengths involved will be so short that stretch will not be an issue. Grosgrain might be a little iffy, otherwise, anything goes.

    For tie outs on the hem, don't worry about sealing...for others, there's a product called Seam Sealer that will work.

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