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    CLOSED: Gear for Sale

    For Sale

    Hammock Set Up - $160 shipped pay pal
    Eno DN - Orange and silver, removed original suspension for orange whoopies, still have original biners included. Also including tree straps, straps and whoopies from Arrowhead Equipment.
    Eno Gaurdian Bug Net - I cut the pocket off the bottom of this to attempt to cut some weight.
    OES Cat Cut 9x9 Tarp - Bought last year from another member. Can be seen here. Includes everything that I originally bought from owner. If interested in a two line ridge line from Arrowhead Equipment I will include for another $10, just let me know.
    Mountain Hardware Stuff Sack - I'll include this since the pocket is cut off the bug net. It easily fits hammock and bug net, may even be able to fit tarp in as well.

    Therm-a-rest Neo Air - $70 shipped
    Bought two years ago used on 2, 3 day trips. At time I believe retailed for like $170 at rei. In great condition. It is the regular size, different than the ones sold now, it is the yellow colored one if that helps, any questions PM me.

    Hammock and Bug Net have only been used on one 3 day trip and in great condition. Like I said tarp was bought last year from another member, I only used once on three day trip. Only defect is the one mentioned in link, picture shown.

    Pretty good set up, I'm just looking to fund some DIY and lower some weight. Thanks for looking.
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    bump price change

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    bump price change and added thermarest neo

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    Last price change, I will separate items out in another thread if need be.

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    please close thread....cannot edit posts and will repost items in another thread and sell separately. thanks

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