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I'm new to this forum, have a Hennesey with the oversized fly, and have been deep woods camper since the 70's. Perhaps these are known here, but I haven't heard them mentioned.


i've had my eye set on the 15x15 for group canoe camping in the rain forest otherwise known as the Adirondacks. These appear to really be the ticket, note the loops spaced along all the interior seams. Allows you to configure them in a number of ways securely. 2lbs 8oz but many smaller and lighter. a bit of $$$$, but I've looked into buying the fabric to make my own ,and for the small amount i would need, the price breaks mean it would be about the same.

I have three in college, so I have to figure a way to sneak one...lol.
These guys need to add some hammocks to their shop.

The prices seem a bit high in my opinion. Maybe contact some of the cottage vendors here and see if they can custom a 15x15 for a better price. The Cooke stuff looks top notch but that price seems a bit high.

you can get a 16 foot Kelty noah for $75 also. Tons of tie outs and extremely well made. They are heavy but if you have the space in your canoe it's something to consider.