Today, I joined a fellow peakbagger as he returned to Mount Nancy in the White Mountains for NEHH #99 (New England Hundred Highest). This peak eluded him his last time out in October 2007 due to ice and high water (there are 5 brook crossings in the first 2.5 miles alone).

Our route was the Nancy Brook Trail. One of the two largest remaining areas of virgin spruce-fir forest in the state of NH occurs along Nancy Brook in the heart of the White Mountains. Due to the steepness of the mountain slopes and inaccessibility of the terrain, the trees here have never been cut. A powerful hurricane in 1938 felled many of the trees, but old individuals remain scattered throughout, and the biological legacies and ecological dynamics of an old-growth forest persist. In 1964, 460 acres of the site were designated as the Nancy Brook Scenic Area.

I only joined him for the first 2.5 miles of the trip. The rest of the hike to the summit of Mount Nancy was another 2.5 miles and was just a bit too steep for me right now. I will return at a latter date to bag this peak for myself along with a neighboring peak, Mt. Bemis.

While he was off bagging his peak, I told him I'd wait at the cascades where he left me and I'd be hanging around til him got back. Little did he know I meant this literally.

I had brought my new overnight/weekend pack and gear with me to test a few things out and had the DD Travel hammock in the pack. I set up the hammock on the side of the hill near the trail and took a nap til he returned.