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    Sewing Machine/Thread Injector Question

    Hey all,

    I have materials coming in for a silnylon pack and cuben tarp and I am trying to find a cheap sewing machine. There are so many out there that I can't figure out what I actually need. Could somebody tell me what features (if any) I will be needing to sew simple gear projects like these, and/or possibly give me some suggestions for cheaper models that will get the job done well?

    I'm excited to start making gear for the first time!


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    Check my "guidelines" thread in my sig. Others have found it helpful. All you _need_ is a straight stitch. Anything else is discretionary. Zig zag can be nice at times but is not required. IMO you don't want a "cheap" machine. They will not last. You want a good machine at an inexpensive price. That usually means a used vintage machine. Ask around to your family and neighbors. Some lady around will have an old machine taking up space in a closet or attic. Even a basement machine can be used if it has not rusted or corroded. They can often be had for a reasonable price... if not free.
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    Thanks! Actually found out my sister has a newer machine that she's going to let me borrow/have.

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    I just picked up a 1948 singer 15-91 for $30 cleaned it oiled it and its an awesome machine ... Runs great will suit all my needs..

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