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    tarp, do you hem sections before you stitch together?

    As the title asks, my tarp will not be wide enough so i'm stitching two widths together, my question is will i need to hem the two sides before i flat felled seam them?
    Also has anybody encountered problems using double sided tape with the needle jamming up in the bobbin, is needle getting covered in glue and sticky stuff??


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    Join the two halves first. Here's a good thread on the progression of making a tarp...

    Although I have not used it, I would definitely expect "gumming up" problems from double sided tape.

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    I say no to hemming first because it doesn't look as good to me. I'm not sure if it would make a difference except for the number of layers at the end of your flat fell seam. It should be easier to hem after.

    Double sided tape will gum up a needle if you sew through it right quick. Things can go downhill quick with a gummy needle.
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    Yeah thats what i thought, apparently machines are precious inside, but i still see blogs where people do it.
    As with the hemming i guess a flat felled seam is half way to a rolled hem??

    How have you guys cut your fabric??

    Will check out link, cheers.

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    Very sexy, so there, anyone else reading this go to the link above!!!!

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