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Thread: HH does the Dew

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    HH does the Dew

    Hey huge surprise to me, I set up the heavy Explorer and the bag - well I hung that too and came back after a small rainstorm... The hammock was dry, the bag Well soaking wet for the bag and it was open end down.

    So I am thinking - kill the tarp and replace with a small Cuban and replace the bag with a simmilar coated Pu or dry sack

    FYI I am 229 and I am guessing the main part cannot go lighter as I am already stretchin the bottom part to the limit.

    I am thinkin outside the box to lighten it a little.
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    I'm not sure I understand your question here.

    You're using a HH Explorer Deluxe with the HH Hex tarp?

    By "bag", I think you mean backpack? Or bag your hammock came in? And where did you have the "bag" when it got wet? Inside the hammock? Under the hammock? On the suspension?

    I own/use both the HH Explorer and the HH Hex tarp. Never been wet in my hammock yet. I never leave anything outside of my tarp to ensure I don't end up with wet gear, and if the weather looks risky, I often will lower the sides of the tarp close to the hammock to get the best possible coverage.

    If you're wanting to lighten the weight up on this, yes you could go with a cuben or silnylon tarp over the stock PU coated HH Hex. You could also change out the suspension for whoopie slings rather than using the stock rope. You could also drop the HH bag completely since you're already storing the hammock in the snakeskins.

    Again, I'm not sure what your question really is on this?


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