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    WTB: Down UQ TQ, trash compactor bags, ULA Circuit/Catalyst

    I'm looking at purchasing a used but good condition Down UQ and TQ....
    I ordered and received a AHE/KAQ New River and Owyhee for my SOBO AT attempt... they are great, but, they take up alot of space in my pack. I realize I need down due to space I'm working with..... getting a bigger pack is an option, but, would rather not at this point

    UQ- looking for summer underquilt

    TQ- let me know what you have

    Brand is not important.
    Needs to be in decent enough condition to last me thru the AT.
    I'm not really looking into getting junk, but, feel free to offer it...
    Price- something fair for both parties.
    I'll definitely consider DIY.... needs to be comfortable. (ease of setup, no/not much re adjusting, shifting, cold spots etc)


    ULA Circuit or Catalyst- already purchased.....

    Trash compactor bags- ended up buying these at the local Kroger... 10 for $5.. I thought they were expensive, guess not.

    If you have anything I may be interested in PM me (or post here if allowed) a price with shipping/fees included.

    I use Paypal and am located in Houston, TX.
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    still looking for a summer UQ ...... let me know what you got.

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    PM with under quilt for sale.
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    Everything found... closed thread

    Thanks to all those that tried to help and HF

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