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    Sleeping Bag and Hydration Pack with Bladder

    High Sierra Torrent 70 Hydration Pack - $30 shipped conus paypal
    Bought in 2009 used lightly in great condition and includes bladder. Bladder has been used but still in good condition. Pictured here and more info here

    North Face Aleutian Synthetic Sleeping Bag +20*F - $45 shipped conus paypal
    2009 model. Used on 4-5 3 day trips still in great condition. Includes stuff sack. Pictured here and here

    Thanks for looking!
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    Any marks or blemishes on the sleeping bag?

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    I couldn't find any on it. its in great shape I do live in a house with a cat and a dog bit it has been stored in a closet unless on the trail.

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    Good morning bump

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    Prices dropped

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