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    WTS: WBBB 1.7 DL , AHE Owyhee + New River

    Have some extra stuff that I probably won't need....

    "I'll take it" posted publicly in this thread has priority over anything PM.

    Also, I have a Zebrlight H51F C- new, tried on and played with it a little bit. I prefer my ZL 501w. Comes with all packaging and accessories as received. (new/excellent condition)
    $58 shipped in USA

    The AHE stuff is practically new.. used but new condition. I bought these for a SB AT attempt, but, they are going to be too bulky for the pack I'm using.
    The stuff sacks for the Owyhee and New River aren't pictured, but, they ARE included. These were stored fully lofted in extra bedroom on bed.

    *spf* to bluekudzu
    AHE Owyhee- Received from AHE about 2 weeks ago, used 3 nights, indoors, after I've showered.(I shower every before bed when @ home) Like new besides that.
    "stealth brown" outside, black inside.
    Asking $135$130 shipped in USA

    *Sold* to cleandirt
    AHE New River Full length UQ- same story as above but only used 1 night.
    Black inside and out.
    Asking $135 Shipped in USA

    *Soldf* to jmr
    New WBBB 1.7 DL- New, never slept in. Never even hung up. I bought a 1.1 DL and 1.7 DL.... when I received them I decided right away to go with the 1.1 due to the weight difference. Has the all webbing suspension.
    Comes with every thing as new + x2 of the Warbonnet carabiners.
    $200 Shipped in USA.

    Shipping-I'll be shipping using USPS Parcel Post/or Priority, or UPS Ground depending on cost. Tracking will be included, insurance will be $2 extra.

    PP fees are included- I can only ship to Confirmed Addresses at this time.
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    Is that TQ long or reg?

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    both the TQ and UQ are regular length

    Quote Originally Posted by abwillingham View Post
    Is that TQ long or reg?

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    I'll take the under quilt

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    Tree straps
    Interested by UQ also! ;P

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    Regarding the WBBB 1.7 DL...I'll take it.
    PM me your email please.

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    bump and price drop on the owyhee ($130)

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    I'll take the top quilt if you still have it.

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    Can't edit first post...

    Owyhee has been paid for and shipped.

    thanks HF.

    I'll withdraw the Zebralight for now.

    Please close this thread.

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