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    Praised be scum

    I speak of HF Member "scum" and cadge some thinking and tweaking from a recent post of his on his modification to a UQ.

    That modification abandoned his earlier innovation in UQ suspension. It is his credited adaptation of HF Member Knotty's mod of hammocks that I wish to bring up here instead of starting a new thread. Hijacking? Not if I'm addressing OP's expressed concern for stuff falling out of the gathered end hammock when assuming the diagonal position.

    The Knotty mod puts a draw string (or two, or four) through segments of what I like to call the gunwales of the hammock, up where there is usually (but doesn't have to be) a hem and a side-channel. Those draw strings, with a stopper at the hole, can be used to tighten up the hammock at those lengths where the fabric is sometimes loose.

    Well: Why not modify the hammock to incorporate permanent shock cord of suitably light strength to take up that slack instead? That is what scum has done to his UQ, and he reports that his "stretch side" modification, along with draft collars have made a UQ at high-risk-to-gaps-and-leakage quite the opposite.

    I'll leave it to another thread, enthusiasts, grey-beards, or eventually the OP to say why gathered end hammocks seem to lack any tailoring of the bed. I mean by that when you undo the gathered end, you have a simple rectangles of fabric, with straight sides, straight ends and no darts or pleats.
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