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    Quote Originally Posted by shrineclown View Post
    Big props to Marty. Ordered one of the camo tadpoles Monday afternoon, here today. Can't wait to try it out rain forecast so I will seal it after I use it first. Impressed with the quality of the tarp and the size for such a small package. Thanks for the quick service! I needed it for the weekend and was pleasantly surprised with delivery.
    Wouldn't worry too much about the sealing. Mine has been hanging 24/7 for 2 months now and nary a drop. Woke up to rain this morning and the only moisture was from the heavy fog caught in the netting. I've probably put this tarp thru more exposure in the 2 months than most tarps ever get. Like I said 24/7! That means only taking it down and moving to the back of the property for a weekend hang. Will probably be replacing the tree huggers and reflective guys as I have just noticed some fading on them. Did see some staining once but realized it was crabapple sap where I had trimmed some branches. Either washes off in a rain or comes off with a wipe down. This is the first piece of hammock gear I've purchased and I am more than pleased with the tarp and the service.

    You can just make out the tarp to the of the fifth wheel.
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