So I have posted a few times here today - thanks for all the input. I am considering making a purchase and I like the idea of getting something quality and if it doesn't work out for me I can always sell it. So I am considering the following setup and would like some feedback. My goal is to make it decently light but also super quick and easy to setup. I am not an expert knot person etc (I know I should get better in that area)

1. Warbonnet 1.1 double
2. Warbonnet Edge Tarp
3. Adjustable webbing suspension
4. 2 mini carabiners for the hammock
5. 40 ft guy line for tarp ridge line with S carabiner at one end at nite ize figure 9 carabiner at the other setup like this
6. 4 guylines for the tarp 8ft each with nite ize figure 9's at the end
7. 4 tent stakes for tarp

Does this sound like a good setup? Have I missed anything?