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    For tall folks (over 6 foot), I highly recommend a _longer_ hammock than the ENO series. ENO is a great hammock, but I find that talk folks can't get the best diagonal lay due to the minimal length (in comparison to other parachute nylon hammocks on the market).

    Here's what happens when you increase the width but leave the length alone: the hammock begins to canoe, e.g., the side rails tighten creating a deep bucket seat. A lot of people who sleep in the double+ ENO hammocks tend to sleep in line or on a minimal diagonal (depends on how big/tall you are). Some people find the canoe lay comfortable; it is certainly more comfortable than the ground. The Speer hammock is designed to lay this way as well. The two major down sides are a tighter shoulder squeeze and leg hyperextension due to the banana effect.

    If you can, try the hammock first. When I do my hammock demonstrations, I have multiple parachute hammocks on display for folks to try to get the right "fit." After a while doing this, I'm convinced that matching the person to the right hammock is a key factor in overall comfort. That said, I'll argue for any hammock over the ground. You'll often read about folks here on the forum who started with "Brand X" hammock and switch to "Brand Y" because it was "more comfortable." Amazing, but true.

    I hope to have a post in the next few days where I can show the difference between all the parachute nylon hammocks side-by-side. It's a pretty amazing comparison.
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    Thanks for the info..good stuff.. and the more I read, the more I realize I will probably end up with a DIY hammock that gives me the best lay.

    In fact I was looking around in a fabric store today looking for material, stretching it and feeling the weight. When I looked up and saw a couple of women giving me "that look" I realized I may be at the point that I need some professional help. Thought they were gonna gang up and take my Man Card from me. From now on I will be doing all my fabric shopping on line!

    Having said that....what material do you recommend as being the best?

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    Just a note to the group....

    I contacted ENO today just to see if they did custom work, The didnt seem very interested in the longer legnth theory and they recommended I try Grand Trunk. I noticed the dementions on their double was a foot longer at 10'5. I am hoping they are not measuring caribener to caribener, but if so, I guess I may just give these guys a shot instead. At least it will get me by till I go for the DIY.

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    Why don't you try MATT at ukhammocks he will do anything you want and his woodsmanx comes with a ridgeline adjustable footsag and best of all a midge net not a mosi net because our Scottish midges are incredibly small and ferocious and I can voice for it working for you as I have the woodsmanx double and am the same size as you!

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    Jiffiboy, I checked out the ukhammocks and they were definitely impressive and one i may keep my eye on if i upgrade my noobie status.

    As a final note on the thread I ordered a Grand Trunk Double today. The extra length advise was what I was looking for but when i called the company, it was the customer service that sealed the deal. Grand Trunk has a very knowledgable staff and super helpful. I cant say enough about my first impressions with the company in comparison to their competition.

    Thanks for all your help!

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