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    First real nights in a hammock

    A friend and I just went on our first backpacking trip in a real long time. I chose a trail that although was very rewarding, pushed us pretty close to our limits and really kicked our butts. Two things I've learned is that I'm not as young as I used to be, and hammocks are the way to go. Every morning I felt completely recharged. All the aches were completely gone and that lasted most of the day till I started to get wore out again. I felt better than waking up in my bed at home. My buddy slept on the ground and I think he felt worse in the morning than the night before. I am sold, hammock camping is the real deal. If you can't get comfortable right away don't get frustrated all the info on insulation and getting the hang right is in these forums. I just skimmed through and found everything without even having to ask. Thanks to all the experienced people on these forums that helped get here with out even knowing it.

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    Congratulations on your first night and for many more to come!

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    It really is amazing how comfy sleeping in a hammock is.

    Neat to hear how refreshed you felt every morning. I've been sleeping outside at home for about 6 weeks and that is how I feel every morning. The comfort has me dreaming of new adventures I would have avoided due to sleeping on the cold hard ground.

    I also would like to give a huge tip of the cap to all the great posters on the site. This site makes it very easy to find the best information on hanging.


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    I've not done a multi-night trip, but you have me thinking that I need to start! Thanks for telling about your experiences. After sleeping outside in a hammock, you begin to wonder why you ever considered sleeping on the ground!

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