My oldest(14) is the newbie at this. We were talking about the hang and the events. I mentioned I probably wouldn't bring the kayak because I didn't want to go on the kayak trip and leave them alone. Tiffany(14) exclaimed, "WHAT" that is the only thing I want to do, even if I just get to go round and round the lake..... So, I am going to bring the kayak and get her to the paddle and will entrust ItsAndy and Islander to keep an eye on her. I think we have decided on her name.... GoogleGirl because she always has her phone in her hand and googles everything. I told her we could name her at the hang. I am very excited that she is excited and ready to jump in and have fun with the crew. She is currently planning on tenting but would be open to hammocking but I don't have one for her yet. Megan(Patches) has offered to let her spend a night in the HH with 2QZQ mods(won the gift cert at the last hang) and sleep in the tent to see if she likes it.