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    My hammock setup so far

    I have been slowly setting up a hammock and hope to get to go camping with my brother in a couple weeks to try it out. It is an ENO single nest with a Kelty Noah 12x12 tarp. I am using descender rings and carabiners from REI with straps and whoopie loops from Arrowhead Equipment. I am using a semi-structural ridge line to help me get the hang angle right and a separate ridge line for the tarp. Lastly I have a bugnet from Warbonnet. I will be using a sleeping pad and sleeping bag for insulation for now.

    Next up I will be sewing up a couple bishop bags, one for the hammock and one for the tarp. I will sew pockets on the outside for the straps, rope and stakes to keep the tree sap and dirt off the hammock and tarp. I won't get those done for a while though.

    So enough talk, on with the pics.

    Tarp from the front:

    Tarp from the back, obviously the tarp will go over the hammock in a real hang

    Descender rings w/tree straps and SRL:

    Tree strap and carabiner:

    Tarp carabiner & ridge line:

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    That is nice! I'd like to see what it looks like with that 12x12 taunt over it. I bet that will be sweet to sleep in. Full protection without breaking the bank!
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    Thanks for the description and pics! Am a noob to hammock camping and I was planning on a similar setup (am waiting on delivery from Arrowhead as we speak, errr, type!).


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