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Thread: New hammock

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    New hammock

    I sure can't wait till the 20th of this month will be heading out for s three day canoe trip and will get to try my hammock I pieced together. I can't wait. It will be fun. As long as it don't rain tomorrow I am going to put it all together and get it ready.

    This will be my first time camping in a hammock. I know I will enjoy it cause I love sleeping in one in the yard.

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    As many times as I've been hanging I still get excited as I was my first outing. Good for you...hope you have a good time! If it does rain and you have a might be a good time to test it out and see if it will keep you dry.
    It's a hammock thing, you won't understand!

    The wife no longer kicks me out of bed after she saw a hammock hanging in the dog house.

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    Ya I should have a tarp very soon. Thanks to FlRider who is going to send me his tarp he no longer uses that is in new condition.

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    Looking forward to the pictures!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAD777 View Post
    Looking forward to the pictures!
    I will either have pictures or even better video not sure yet. But I will hopefully have one or the other.

    The guy that I canoe with usually takes one or the other so see what happens.

    The more I talk about it the more I think about it the more excited. I feel like my son on Christmas lol

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    Hello friends,

    Got the hammock bliss ultralight a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! Hardly weighs anything, very compressable, and is a BARGAIN! I chose this instead of the common ENO brand because it seemed like pretty much the same thing, but about half the price, and I like to go against the crowd I have used ENOs before and I don't really like the slap straps that most people use for them. I would personally rather tie my own knots, and the rope that this hammock comes with is great. Only small complaint is that the ropes are a little short, so you have to pick smaller trees. But I have really had no problems with it. This is also rated to hold 100 pounds more than the ENO, and I fairly comfortably fit two people in it and we were fine. Makes a great chair too, especially when camping or backpacking. So I say go for this over the ENO. As long as you don't care about name brands I think it is just as good if not better!

    Rafael Haney


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