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    Quote Originally Posted by tdilf View Post
    This is my current section hiking setup too - BMBH with full size All Season NeoAir in the pocket. I would say I have gone down to mid 30's with it so far. Just the pad and a Western Mountaineering Ultralite sleeping bag rated for 20 degrees. The bag is a full zip so i use it like a quilt. I start with the pad fully inflated and then let air out once in the hammock. The pad is a pain to get into the pocket because it has a slip resistent coating on it. So far the pad has been warm no matter how much air has been let out.
    The neoair allseaon is a little sticky getting into the pocket. I just leave my in the bmbh and let the air out and stuff it all into the stuff sack. I started to get cool in the upper 20 s for me with the neoair allseason. I have been using my jrb MT Washington 3 uq with the lower temps and really like this set up too.

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