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Per the MadTree website, the Tarseer weighs 1150g or 40.6 oz. With net 1210g or 42.6 oz.
A pair of 30F quilts will run ~ 36 oz. Plus need a +2 oz hood. So another 4 or 5 oz for the hammock and suspension!

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One thing I've noticed with mine, though, is that the fabric stretches over time. My favorite hammock started out as a 20F or so, but the hammock body has stretched under my butt enough to reduce the amount of insulation there...so now it's about a 30F hammock at that spot. I solve this simply by using a little longer leg pad since this hammock only has torso-length insulation, so it's no big deal. Have you tested your design for a length of time that's long enough to see if you'll get this issue?
I never thought of that potential problem!