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Cerberus, I use the ENO SingleNest for now. When I put my rign buckles in today, I took out the standard cord that was there for the biners and replaced it with 2.8mm Spyderline and tied it in the same configurations as the stock line, but with the ring buckles on the end. That means I have less distance between the hammock and buckle, so I don't have to worry about it affecting my sag. I'll have pics to come in the next couple day, still trying to finish up the details of this section hike and get ready for the trip to Charlotte.
I thought about doing it that way, but I'm too chicken to remove the original cord for now. If the line I put on breaks, then I'm screwed. I might try it after I see your pics, and I get a good look at the knot that came with the ENO.