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hey everyone, i'm curious if any one has weighed their suspensions? whats your total suspension weight? webbing, rope if any, and hardware, and what is the total length, and what type of webbing and hardware.
My total setup is 28.8 oz. which includes my HH clone (16.1oz), Bug netting (3.5oz), and a silnylon BB stuff sack (< 1oz) which means the webbing support system is about 8.2 oz (includes 4 REI descending rings, 2 x 12' pieces of polyester webbing, 2 short pieces of Spectra that go between the rings and the hammock, and 2 x Camp Nano biners). You could further subtract the 2 Camp Nano biners that I use (1oz each x 2) and the minimum weight of my ring buckle system is 6.2oz.