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I've thought about making a slightly more complicated sack, too - it would have two chambers with a partition in between. The hammock (and whatever) would go in one, and the extra strap/buckle/rings would go in the other. It'd have drawstrings on both ends too.

Funny - I was just thinking about that as I wrote the other post! Might be more hassle than it's worth to stuff the strap into the chamber than to wrap it around. Probably worth a prototype, though...couldn't be tough to make.

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PS - Sounds like you're finding lots of uses for 'biners for someone who doesn't hike with them...
Yeah...like I said, I'm adding little conveniences back into my pack now. There are very few things that I take on every trip, though. The No Sniveler and my backpack are about the only things that have gone on every trip since I've had them. So I might carry biners for a while...we'll see how long they stay in my pack.