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    Newbie full of questions.

    Ok so I ran across this forum and it is absolutely great. I have an idea for a lightweight pod-ish hammock. I don't want to make the whole thing, just modify an open hammock. I am debating between the TrekLight double and the TTTM double or even king. The plan is to close the top up and add some netting to keep bugs out but still allow for ventilation. Which would offer the most room inside without going overboard, im 6'3 155lbs (so its a pod for a string bean....) I know that they are all pretty much exactly the same (and that tttm mostly makes them all truthfully) but i don't know if getting the king size is just going overboard for 1 person. I still want to have room to kick my knees out or curl up in the fetus position and miss my mommy. Which open hammock would you recommend? I'll draw a pic of my ideas if anybody wants to see them. Thanks


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    Yeah draw us a picture.


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    ok its probably going to take me a while to draw a pic. im leaving for work so ittl be up later tonight. Ill just describe it then draw a pic later. Basically im wanting to cut a slit into each side from the top and run a zipper all the way down, but take out some fabric off of the top of the sides on the foot half of the hammock. and the head half will be supported by a ridgeline, so that the foot section is lower and the head section is higher, with bug net inbetween. and the zipper will run from foot to head and jumping the gap by zipping up the middle of the bug net.

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    Well it sure SOUNDS interesting.

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    I have a SBPro and I think it's considered a 'double' and I like the space it offers. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with other hammocks to offer a really useful opinion

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    ok here is a VERY rough paint rendering. Ill put another one up after work of what the hammock fabric would look like laid out on the floor after being altered.

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    ok so here is what the hammock would look like if you laid it out flat. The red area is what is eliminated/cut out. The top end is the foot and the bottom end is the head side of the hammock. So which hammock do you think i should get to accomplish this?

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    I'd go with the double hammock. I've had (and sold) a TTTM king hammock and it is huge. The extra material on the sides kinda gets in the way. Extra bulk and weight also.
    You could sew velcro/omni-tape around the edges of a king hammock and close it up and you'd have a pod that way.
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    I'd also suspect that wider is better for what you want to do, especially to get the diagonal even after being closed up.

    I noticed that your cuts are might want to rethink that. If you've not been on one of these hammocks you should know that diagonal laying causes great walls of fabric to appear on the corners of the diagonal opposite to the one you're laying on. You can kinda get a sense of this in a couple of pictures at the bottom of this post where I was tinkering with a Skeeter Beater Pro.

    Anyway, with symmetric cuts for the bugnet, it will come out asymmetric when you're inside. Maybe the asymmetry will be less due to the closing up of the edges.


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