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    Finnish Tarseer
    Country of origin

    The MadTree Tarseer is a bold new take on sleeping solutions for the outdoors. It offers the ultimatum in comfort, lightness and warmth. Because the Tarseer is suspended above ground, you don't need to carry bulky mattresses and tents with you.

    The Tarseer isn't just a hammock though. In order to provide you with full three season comfort even in harsh northern climates, we have lined it with premium quality goose down. This allows the Tarseer to be ultralight while it will still keep you warm and cosy even through the coldest of autumn nights.

    It is also good to remember that even with all the innovative features Tarseer has, it still works as a regular sleeping bag if you need it to.

    The MadTree Tarseer is a new type of sleeping solution for the outdoors. It is suspended above ground from three points but isn’t just a regular hammock. It is also lined with premium quality 800+ fp goose down. This allows the Tarseer to be ultralight while it will still keep you warm and cosy even in zero degrees celsius.

    While the Tarseer is a revolutionary design, it still works as a regular sleeping bag if you need it to.

    -Triangular setup
    -Using three suspension points instead of the usual two provides more room for your shoulders and allows for a more bedlike sleeping experience.
    -MadTree Wave cut
    -Due to the unique way the Tarseer has been made, the sleeper is supported by separate weight bearing fabric, leaving space for the outer shell and down to expand to it's maximum volume.
    -X -compartments
    -Instead of the usual one-way cells, the Tarseer utilizes cross compartmentalization to ensure optimal down distribution.
    -Asymmetrical collar
    -The specially shaped collar is insulated where it needs to be and ergonomically shaped in order to minimize heat leaks while still using as little material as possible.
    -Insulated zipguard
    -Down filled zipguard prevents heatloss trough zipper.
    -Two point attachment support
    -Small straps in the suspension cords allow you to use a support and two attachment points to set up the Tarseer if there aren't three available.
    -Multilayer reinforcements
    -Rigorous modeling and testing has allowed us to optimize the --Tarseer with extremely light materials where strength isn't essential and reinforce loadbearing parts. All for ultimate lightness.
    -Two-way zipper
    -The full length two-way zipper allows easy access as well as good ventilation on warmer nights.
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    Did you have a comment about it? There's a thread here about it, if you're interested:

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